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Hello, readers, bloggers and inhabitants of the 3rd planet from the sun:  My name is Rich and my plan is simple: to provide a few thought provoking minutes every Sunday at Sunday Night Blog and sometimes in between just for the fun of it.  Every topic is fair game because every topic is my life, and your life too.  Your friends and family touch you, politics affect you, climate chills or warms you, music soothes or rocks you, movies entertain you and taxes burden you.  I might grab something from the news or from the back pages of my mind.  Whatever it is on any given Sunday, I hope it brings you back on another Sunday to visit again.  Humor, satire, news, entertainment, and sometimes poetry or short stories will be found here.  Feel free to jump in with comments.  Dialogue is a good thing and something we might be able to demonstrate to the aliens inside the beltway.

Meanwhile, I have also been contributing some short stories to SERENDIPITY blog.  That is the daily blog by Marilyn Armstrong which includes her writings and photographs.  I have hijacked Sundays to present short stories and essays about life.  Stop over there any day to enjoy her posts.  You will quickly be a fan, just like I am.  Her daily photographs always exhibit a keen eye and tell a uniquely American story.  I am pleased to be able to grab a spot there.

Final Bob Turco Open

Fun, fun, funBob Turco

After several beakers of hot chocolate and a few marshmallows, it was learned that the next Bob Turco Open is also the last!  The table tennis spectacular will feature 32 (or thereabout) players who will compete for the coveted Bob Turco trophy, present by the grand poo-bah himself, Bob Turco.  This FUN raiser has delighted and tired out Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club alumni and friends in the past and will take one more attempt at it on Saturday March 23rd in the NBGC Clubhouse.  The double elimination tournament will include players from many decades and the last man (or woman) standing may not be one of the young bucks who have their eyes on the prize.  These top three trophies are not to be looked at through rose colored glasses, however.  They will indicate that you have outlasted your fellow players, worked up a good sweat and earned a nice trophy before you take your smelly self home for a shower.  The after party will be held at McGill’s on the north-side of Chicago and close to the tournament site.  Pertinent details are:

Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club, 2501 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago IL 60618 773-463-4161 or email mary@nbgc.org  20 bucks tournament and 20 bucks after party.  The festivities begin with final registration at 2 pm in the clubhouse, tournament at 2:30 or whenever Bob finds his glasses and makes up the brackets.  After party begins around 6 pm, depending on how fast Bob calls out the matches.  After the final match, Bob will take a victory lap around Paul Revere Park (weather permitting) or perhaps it was the Club games-room (also weather permitting).  Me and my rusty sidekicks will be on hand with a Sony handycam and Kodak camera to record this momentous event for posterity, or at least for my You Tube channel.  We hope you can make it, otherwise I will have a very short video.


NBGC Alumni Table Tennis Event

March 23, 2013 fun raiser

March 23, 2013 fun raiser

The Bob Turco Open returns!  March 23 will see another Alumni FUN raiser at the Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club, 2501 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago as 32 alumni members attempt to roll back the clock for an afternoon of table tennis in the Clubhouse.  The double elimination event, better than the single elimination NCAA tournament, will start at 2 pm.  Bob Turco will be the ringmaster for the 6 table circus, calling out the matches and the “fun, fun, fun, that keeps you on the run.”  A few of these alumni may not have run for years, but no matter, they will be in shape for the games-room matches and the after party that follows at a close by neighborhood spot.  In order to maintain the excitement between matches, the Club promises March Madness on the televisions as well as in the Clubhouse.  Forty fiscal cliff-free dollars will buy an alum a cherished spot at the green tables for an afternoon of favorite, albeit exaggerated, childhood memories.  The stories will get even better when the gang moves out for some adult beverages and the handing out of awards by Bob Turco himself!  What can be better?  Club alumni should contact Tom Krier or Mary Jeske to sign up and pay up.  Remember alumni, the Club needs your support (and your devalued, post recession dollars).  Hit the Bob Turco link for more details.

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