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This is a springboard.  From here you can jump to all my websites.  Each site holds a different interest.  The blog site, Sunday Night Blog, aka “rjptalk,” contains my totally random thoughts published once a week.  You can probably guess when the new one will be up.  For the past few years I have been a contributor to Marilyn Armstrong’s popular SERENDIPITY blog.  Contributions will appear Sundays and wherever else I can sneak in.  I have not had much time for the vlog site on You Tube, but I keep thinking I will add content soon.  In reality I may not get to it much.  Unlike many of the young vloggers you will find there, the internet is not my career.

Concerts are an interest and I plan to put more video clips on my You Tube music site.  You can already find some of my favorite moments from recent concerts as well as the national anthem from one of the games at the London 2012 Olympics.  I have also created a playlist of videos that I like the best among the millions of those floating through cyberspace.  Of course I have not seen them all so your favorites may be totally different.  Feel free to leave me comments on ones to add to my “Favorites.”

Items I post on Twitter usually come from other sources.  I will not miss a tweet, however, because a direct message will go to my cell phone.  Feel free to send a tweet to @rjpaschall and remember to keep it relatively clean and absent of any hate messages.  Remember, NO H8.  And if you have nothing better to do, go like my facebook page.

In addition, I am please to share with you a business opportunity from an affiliate.  This starts with a Free Training: Learn How to Create an Online Business from Scratch.” I know it sounds to good to be true, but the webinar is free and gives a thorough introduction.  There is nothing to lose to check it out at

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